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There May Actually Be Room For Niche Coworking Spaces Now

The coworking industry was once a monolith consisting of very few big players and boutique competitors attempting to make their presence known. 

After the volatility the sector has undergone in the last few years, it appears to be emerging more diverse, niche and successful than ever before. 

With more and more companies pivoting to flexible and hybrid arrangements, demand for coworking spaces has increased. Alongside this are new design needs from members of these spaces, many of whom are realizing their dream of true work-life balance for the first time. 

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Even WeWork, one of the biggest players in the industry, has altered its design and business models to accommodate growing demand. The company says that 50% of its clients consist of enterprise companies now, leading it to focus designing hubs for employees working closer to their homes. 

However, other niches have become prominent in recent years as employees feel more open to share their workplace desires.  

For instance, Perth, Australia coworking space Vitality House focuses on merging coworking with wellness by offering saunas, ice baths and movement studios.

Another example comes from Los Angeles-based operator Blackbird, which was created to support business women of color who are often overlooked in the entrepreneurial world.

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