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State of Remote Work 2022

From this year’s study, flexibility is clearly the top trend for employees, leaving many employers still trying to figure out how exactly to navigate it. Flexible work – remote, in-office, and hybrid – is proving to be the leading way to recruit, retain, and invite diverse talent into the workplace. It’s time to rethink the office and encourage employees to work in locations that are most productive for them based on the type of work they are looking to accomplish. Today, many employees simply require a computer and internet connection to do their job, and do it well.

Businesses have become more agile since the pandemic, but there is still plenty of room to learn, improve, and iterate. Companies that listen to their employees, and build policies based on their needs and expectations, are more likely to succeed – in both business productivity and employee happiness. In a competitive hiring landscape, employee-driven companies will find better talent and improve retention, too.

The data shows: talk to your employees, learn about their needs and where (and how) they do their best work, update your policies with these insights, and watch your business transform.

Thanks for taking the time to read our report. We hope it will help you transform your organization for the better, and work towards a more flexible future.

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