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Recording My McDonalds Job Interview *HIRED*

Recording My McDonalds Job Interview *HIRED*

In this video I record my interview for a job at McDonald’s! I started filming from the beginning of applying for the job all the way up to the actual interview. This is the first video in a series where I go behind the scenes of what it’s like to work as an employee of McDonald’s and further explore the career you can build in the company.


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Enjoy this video: “Recording My McDonald’s Job Interview *HIRED*”

Kish Israni is an entrepreneur based out of Phoenix, AZ that has a passion for providing entertainment and value through his YouTube videos. He is on the quest to inspire thousands with his videos by documenting what it’s like to work various jobs.

For the future, he would like to use his YouTube channel to explore how money can affect one’s overall lifestyle and happiness by connecting with several entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe.

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This video is about “Recording My McDonald’s Job Interview *HIRED* ”

0:00 Intro
1:48 How I Will Record The McDonald’s Interview
3:14 The Application Process For A McDonald’s Employee
5:15 #1 Tip To Getting An Interview At McDonald’s
5:46 Checking In On My Application *LIVE CALL*
6:52 Pre-McDonald’s Interview Preparation
7:55 My McDonald’s Interview
18:11 Final Thoughts/What’s Next?

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