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Job Search Tips for Older Workers 50 +

Job Search Tips for Older Workers 50 +

Job search tips for older workers because age discrimination does exist. Age bias, and ageism can affect finding a job at 50 plus and in this video, I share career advice for people over 50 and even finding a job at 60. If you are a baby boomer, definitely watch this video for the best job hunting tips.


Finding a Job That Fuels Your Passion is my online course that takes you step-by-step to land that next job fast.

Learn How To:

• How to create a professional looking resume with impact and purpose. A resume that stands out and will not get caught in an applicant tracking system. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on resume writing services, as I take the mystery out of writing a professional resume with my step-by-step process.

• Design a LinkedIn Profile that works for you 24×7. LinkedIn is your gateway to the hidden job market and in this module, you will learn how to leverage this important tool so recruiters and hiring managers can discover you.

• Answer even the most difficult interview questions. Questions like your salary expectations, what happened with your last job, tell me a time when or give me an example of.

• Create a job search strategy by identifying industries that excite you, discovering companies within those industries, and creating relationships to gain interviews.

You can learn more about this course here:

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