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Go Rogue!

Stay on the beaten path! Go with the crowd! Go with the
flow! Don’t rock the boat!

All our lives we have heard these phrases uttered by
well-meaning parents, teachers and respected adults. Its time to go rogue.
Break all the rules.

Every book, article, podcast, etc. I read or listen to says
that networking is the best way for job search success. Yet most people spend a
vast majority of their time searching and responding to online postings. It is
time to break with “but everybody does it” and go rogue.

Begin moving out of your comfort zone. Reconnect with that
cubemate you had 10 years ago, find that roommate you had in college, locate
the neighbor that moved away when you were in your starter home. Its no telling
where these people are now or how influential they may be. By the way, they may
be wondering what you’re up to now also.

Go to coffee or have lunch and catch up, you’ll be surprised
how natural it is once you get started. Ask how you can help them, networking
is all about giving first.

Once you feel comfortable, begin making connections with the
referrals you are getting, expand your sphere of influence, this is where the
magic happens. These are the people who can introduce you to the decision
makers in your target companies.

Don’t worry, just because you land your perfect job doesn’t
mean you have to stop networking. This could be a lifetime of building
connections that help you for the rest of your career.

Go rogue, just because
the rest of the world is online, doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in front of
a screen, go rogue and meet some real people.

Rick ChristensenRick Christensen: Director, Career Transition Practice

Rick has been a career consultant for almost 30 years, serving a very broad-based and diverse clientele. His specialties include effective group facilitation, one-on-one coaching and consultation at all levels including senior executives.

Rick’s passion is coaching individuals through career transitions, developing career management strategies and in identifying and sharpening competencies to open doors to new opportunities. His efforts have assisted thousands of individuals achieve their full potential.

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Published at Thu, 07 Oct 2021 11:50:16 +0000
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