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Apple’s Strict Return-To-Office Strategy Leads Chief Of Machine Learning To Resign

Even higher ups at Apple are unhappy with its return-to-office policies. 

Ian Goodfellow, director of machine learning at Apple, has revealed that he would be resigning from his position. His desire for more workplace flexibility among his team drove his decision, according to a note written to employees. 

Apple began ushering employees back into the office last month after nearly two years of remote working arrangements. Its new post-pandemic work policy required workers to be in the office at least once a week starting in April, which then increased to two days on May 2, and will grow to three days a week starting May 23. 


The strict nature of Apple’s workplace policy has left many employees expressing discontent with their lack of freedom and flexibility, something they have come to value in recent years. 

Last summer, an employee petition circulated throughout Apple to request better flexible work policies from management. 

According to a survey of Apple employees conducted last month, 76% stated they were unhappy with the company’s return-to-office plan and 56% were considering leaving the company due to this. 

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