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Airbnb’s CEO Announces Full Commitment To A Remote Workforce

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky has announced that employees will embrace the “live anywhere, work anywhere” mantra. 

In an email to staff, Chesky revealed that Airbnb workers will have a full say in where they work, except for a few employees whose jobs need to be done in the office. 

More specifically, Chesky detailed the policy with five points:

  1. Employees can work from home or in the office 
  2. Employees can move anywhere within their country with no change in compensation 
  3. Employees can travel and work around the world 
  4. Airbnb will conduct regular gatherings 
  5. The staff will “work in a high coordinated way” 

Diving deeper, employees that wish to move around the country they reside in, their pay will remain the same. However, the firm said that moving permanently to another country is “much more complex” and may not have the same guaranteed pay. 

Workers will still be required to have a permanent address but can work from one of Airbnb’s many locations for up to 90 days a year. 

In-person gatherings are expected to occur quarterly starting next year. 

Airbnb is one of many companies that has fully embraced a remote work arrangement, which feels ingrained in the online marketplace’s DNA. With locations all over the world and an emphasis on travel and hospitality, it only makes sense for employee workplace arrangements to be intertwined with this lifestyle. 

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