Revenue Specialist (Business License Technician)

About the Employer
  • City of Doraville
  • Atlanta, Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport

Job Description

Summary of Position:
The purpose of this job is to provide accurate information to the Finance Department and to the citizens of Doraville. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, collection, preparation and monitoring financial system receivable transactions, assisting in the administration and maintenance of Alcoholic Beverage License and Occupation Tax Certificates which include excise tax for hotel/motel, rental vehicle tax, mixed drink tax and franchise fees, and performing additional tasks as assigned.  This position serves as the receptionist for the department, answering phones and distributing mail.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
The following duties are normal for this job. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive.  The omission of a specific statement from the duties does not exclude them from the classification if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment for this classification. Other duties may be required and assigned.

·         Receipts, assigns account codes and funds, and balances daily receivables for daily bank deposits.
·         Assists in editing and balancing of revenue received for daily deposit; data entry is posted to the general ledger.
·         Assists user departments in financial system related to revenue reporting and timely handling of daily deposits.
·         Administers the change fund and daily balance for Finance department and assists with the government wide petty cash fund.
·         Provides information to employees within the department and other user departments.
·         Prepares and retrieves information for the government’s annual audit.
·         Performs a variety of clerical duties: answers the telephone, copies documents, types reports, maintains files, faxes documents, picks up and distributes mail, etc.
·         Answers the telephone for all divisions and performs receptionist duties for the Finance Department.
·         Monitors active and delinquent businesses within the City of Doraville.
·         Reviews and processes applications for Business Occupation Tax Certificate (business license).
·         Issues and/or renews existing licenses.
·         Assists public with policies, procedures and ordinances relating to business tax, revenue, and alcohol licenses.
·         Provides training to employees government wide in the use of the financial system and occupation tax system transactions.
·         Assists with maintenance of all records for business tax, revenue, and alcohol license systems.
·         Assists with the issuance of Alcohol Licenses.
·         Maintains statistical data to be used in reports and related information of the City of Doraville revenues collected, alcohol and business tax collections, and other self-assessed tax information.
·         Assists in conducting comparative surveys with other local governments relating to Business Tax and licensing information.
·         Maintain records for Business Tax Revenue in accordance with state law.
·         Performs other related duties as required.

Desirable Skills and Qualifications:
·         Knowledge of the policies, procedures, and activities of the Finance Department as they pertain to the performance of duties relating to the position of Revenue Specialist.
·         Knowledge of the terminology used within the department.
·         Knowledge of state and federal codes, ordinances, policy manuals, the North American Industry Classification Schedule, invoices and statements, a variety of reports, journals, etc., and   procedures and methods as required in the performance of duties.
·         Knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping, relevant federal, state, and local laws, and various Unified Government tax and licensing ordinances and financial transaction processing policies.
·         Ability to utilize various software packages.
·         Ability to utilize computers, fax machines, copy machines, scanners, and other office equipment.
·         Ability to compile, organize, prepare, and maintain an assortment of records, reports, and information in an effective manner and according to departmental and/or governmental regulations.
·         Ability to communicate effectively with supervisors, other staff members, and the general public. Ability to comprehend, interpret, and apply regulations, procedures, and related information for   the general public, user departments, and the business community.
·         Ability to use independent judgement in routine and non-routine situations.
·         Ability to handle the required mathematical and statistical calculations.
·         Ability to utilize and understand computer applications and techniques as necessary in the completion of daily assignments.
·         Ability to plan, organize, and/or prioritize daily assignments and work activities.
·         Ability to comprehend and apply the regulations and procedures of the department.

Mental and Physical Requirements:
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be physically able to operate a variety of machinery and equipment including office equipment such as computers, fax machines, and copy machines. Must be able to use body members to work, move, or carry objects or materials. This position requires:  walking, standing, bending, stooping, pushing, pulling, lifting, fingering, grasping, feeling, seeing, talking, hearing, and repetitive motions. Must be able to exert up to 10 pounds of force occasionally. Physical demand requirements are at levels of those for sedentary work.
DATA CONCEPTION: Requires the ability to compare and/or judge the readily observable functional, structural, or compositional characteristics (whether similar to or divergent from obvious standards) of data, people, or things.
INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION: Requires the ability to hear, speak and/or signal people to convey or exchange information. Includes receiving assignments and/or directions from supervisors.
LANGUAGE ABILITY: Requires the ability to read a variety of correspondence, printouts, reports, applications, ordinances, and informational documentation, directions, instructions, and methods and procedures. Requires the ability to prepare spreadsheets, tax certificates, licenses, and report using prescribed formats and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction, and style. Requires the ability to speak to people with poise, voice control, and confidence.
INTELLIGENCE: Requires the ability to learn and understand complex principles and techniques; to acquire and be able to expound on knowledge of topics related to primary occupation; and to make independent judgement in the absence of management.
VERBAL APTITUDE: Requires the ability to record and deliver information, to explain procedures, and to follow oral and written instructions. Must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in a variety of administrative, technical, or professional languages including legal and accounting terminology.
NUMERICAL APTITUDE: Requires the ability to utilize mathematical formulas, to add and subtract totals, to multiply and divide, to utilize and determine percentages, and to compute discounts and interest, etc.
FORM/SPATIAL APTITUDE: Requires the ability to inspect items for proper length, width, and shape, visually with office equipment (i.e., rulers, yardsticks, etc.).
MOTOR COORDINATION: Requires the ability to coordinate hands, fingers, and eyes accurately in using office equipment. Requires the ability to use the keyboard, lift, bend, push, and pull objects or materials using body parts as the position necessitates.
MANUAL DEXTERITY: Requires the ability to handle a variety of items such as computers, fax machines, calculators, and other office equipment. Must have the ability to use one hand for twisting or turning motion while coordinating the other hand with different activities. Must have minimal levels of eye/hand/foot coordination.
INTERPERSONAL TEMPERAMENT: Requires the ability to deal with people beyond giving and receiving instructions. Must be adaptable to performing under moderate stress when confronted with an emergency.
PHYSICAL COMMUNICATION: Requires the ability to talk and/or hear: (Talking - expressing or exchanging ideas by means of spoken words). (Hearing - perceiving nature of sounds by ear). Must be able to communicate via telephone.

Other Requirements:
Regular and predictable attendance is required.
Must work cooperatively with others.
When requirements include vehicle operation, responsible for the safety, readiness and operation of the vehicle and must abide by ACC's safe driving policy.

Minimum Training and Experience Required to Perform Essential Job Functions:
Associate/Vocational/Technical degree in accounting, business, or a related discipline with one year of accounts payable or other accounting or related experience required; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this position.

At-Will Employment:
This classification specification does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee and is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the position change.
Employment with the City of Doraville is at-will in accordance with Georgia law.

Equal Opportunity:
The City of Doraville is an Equal Opportunity Employer.