Senior Product Engineer


  1. I'm hiring on behalf of my company, Huntly, we're hiring for a Senior Product Engineer position, for one of our clients.

    1. Candidates need to be willing to work hybrid in San Francisco
    2. They are an early-stage startup; their team dynamics are different from companies of other sizes and stages.
    3. They're a small team, with high ownership, who are not only passionate about what they do, but seek to be exceptional as well. Currently, their team consists solely of our 2 co-founders, Sina and Joe. There's a lot of stuff going on, and a lot of ambiguity.
    4. They prioritize having a strong, in-person culture in San Francisco for our founding team. They are open to team members who operate remotely on a case-by-case basis.
    5. They DO NOT expect you to work all the time, but you’ll have to be diligent and hold yourself accountable regarding the boundaries for your work day. Depending on your location, you may need to be flexible to accommodate the schedules of other team members and clients.
    6. They want teammates who own it. They strongly believe that empowering everyone on the team with ownership is a key to our growth and success. They expect every team member to not only own decision making, but also own the success or failure that results from their decisions.
Salary Range:
    US$150,000 - US$300,000 annual
  1. Experience shipping production code in a language like Typescript, Rust, Python, Go, Solidity
  2. Excellent problem-solving skills and a strong sense of ownership
  3. Obsession with shipping code with a bias for self-reliance
  4. Past work experience spanning Web2 and Web3 systems
  5. 5 years of experience shipping Typescript or Javascript for web based front end applications
  6. Comfort shipping code with the following tools: React, NextJS, Tailwind, Wagmi, Viem
  7. Hunger for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in crypto today, with a knack for quick iteration
  8. Familiarity with design principles and tools
  9. About You

      1. A solid understanding of engineering principles. You enjoy building and shipping quality, resilient, and dependable services.
      2. A sense of grit to dive into a problem and own the implementation of solutions.
      3. Possess excellent communication skills for effectively conveying your perspective, ideas, problems, and solutions.
      4. A strong sense of ownership and prioritization when navigating the ambiguity of an early-stage startup.
      5. A motivation for accelerating the adoption of digital ownership beyond the current limitations of public blockchains.
  1. As an engineer, you'll play a critical role in building out our foundational infrastructure in a fast paced startup environment. This will involve researching, designing, and implementing novel engineering solutions related to hybrid onchain/offchain systems. You will ship a lot of code, with the potential to work on things like indexers, databases, smart contracts, cryptography, and APIs all operating at a global scale.

    Their current technology stack spans the following tools and providers:

      1. Onchain: Solidity (deployed on Ethereum/EVM L2s) Foundry
      2. Backend services: Typescript
      3. Frontend services: NextJS App Router Tailwind tRPC
      4. All backend & frontend services hosted on
      5. Database/PostgreSQL hosted on

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