What’s a Social CRM … and How Can It Help Your Business Grow?

CRM is an acronym for customer relationship management, a strategy employed by brands and organizations to understand their customers better. Social CRM integrates the various social media channels used in a brand’s social media campaign to their existing CRM platforms. When used alongside other marketing tools, a social CRM can be a very effective tool in enhancing business and brand growth. If you are yet to incorporate social CRM in your business, this post is a good read for you.

Ways to Use Your Social Media CRM Data to Boost Business Growth

Social media has become an increasingly vital tool in the marketing strategy for many brands and organizations. According to Pew Research Center, 70% of all Americans use social media, which translates to over 200 million potential customers, a number too large to ignore. By using a social media CRM, you can get the most out of your social media campaigns in the following ways:

1.     Understanding Your Target Audience Better

Originally posted at Crazy About Startups