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Twitter Pay Discrepancy Comes To Light With New Salary Dashboard Tool

A new report from tech magazine Input shows that Twitter employees get paid radically different for performing the same roles.  

According to Twitter’s Salary Range Dashboard, there is a significant gap in pay for employees across various countries. For instance, legal counsel directors in New York make a maximum of $338,000 annually, while those in the UK make $203,000. 

“Twitter regularly evaluates compensation in each market where our employees are based to ensure we pay equitably and remain market competitive,” a Twitter spokesperson said.  

“Each role’s compensation is localized depending on location, and our approach ensures we are competitive against local market practices.”  

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Twitter has long offered varied pay depending on location, especially since it committed to a remote workforce in 2020.   

“We have always had a competitive approach to pay localization and are proud of the many ways we are supporting our employees during this challenging time,” a spokesperson said in September of 2020.   

While the salary dashboard was intended to uphold pay transparency across the company,  employees who inquired about the discrepancy were met with resistance from managers. Additionally, an anonymous employee stated that the pay difference was mostly based on the average salary of each area, rather than the actual cost of living. 

“The company released the salary dashboard with the caveat that they were doing so for transparency, but with no intention to change the huge pay discrepancy,” the employee told Input. 


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