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Top10 Skills for Success in Any Career

Top10 Skills for Success in Any Career

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Skills for Success in Any Career

1. Professional Communication

The importance of professional communication skills cannot be overstated. Whether you are speaking with your coworkers via email, phone, or video call, what you say — and how you say it — matters.

2. Organization

Organization skills begin with a decision to clean up and clear out. To avoid the dreaded “Did you get my email?” message, you might have to consider the unthinkable: folders. Create folders for certain people and/or projects.

3. Keep Learning New Skills

Technology is changing every day. The skills that were impressive just a few years ago are now, sadly, outdated. The ability to recognize when updated or new skills are required is invaluable in any career.

4. Sales

You don’t have to work in the sales department to hone your sales skills. In fact, the ability to sell comes in handy in virtually every career on the planet.

Do you know your product? Can you use it well enough to teach someone else how it works? This is important knowledge for any employee.

5. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is not an easy skill to hone, but once you can use it, you will instantly become more valuable as an employee (and improve the overall quality of your life!).

6. Keep Your Commitments

Consistently showing up early for meetings sends an important signal: you’re reliable. If you plan to be early and then life (bad hair day, traffic, mass escape by animals at the local zoo) happens, you still have the potential to show up on time. Unfortunately, that’s not the case if you plan to be on time.

7. Flexibility

The ability to go with the flow without compromising quality is invaluable in any career. As long as there are plans, there will be wrenches to mess them up. But as long as you’re flexible, you can keep plugging along with confidence.

8. Time Management

Prioritizing your daily tasks is of utmost importance when you’re striving to manage your time. In addition, checking your email at designated times can help eliminate any pressure you may feel to answer your messages as soon as they arrive in your inbox (one of the main culprits of suffering time management).

9. Be a Team Player
Do you work well in groups and on teams? If so, congratulations! You possess a skill that employers value and that few people can claim.

10. Grace Under Pressure
Stay calm and collected in difficult situations. Most importantly, reframe tasks that you don’t enjoy into challenges to be overcome.


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