Top Websites for Machine Learning and Data Science in 2020

Here is my list of the best websites for Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science to follow for valuable resources and news.

Data science is booming exponentially in almost all parts of the world. Data scientists are highly sought after because they seem to have the “magical” ability to create value from data for data-driven companies and organizations.

This list is not ranked in any order and all of them have their good qualities. So scroll down and read the list now!

1. Machine Learning Mastery

Introduction: Jason Brownlee, the owner of this website has a Master’s and a Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence and he has worked on machine learning systems for defense, startups, and severe weather forecasting.

Level: all

Type: blog, tutorial

Functionality: A top-down approach that focuses on working through a dataset end-to-end and getting a result with popular platforms like Scikit-learn, R and Keras.

Best qualities: This website is great for beginners because it helps you get straight to using programming to do ML instead of reading the heaps of concepts and theories.

Best read: When I first started learning machine learning, his getting started guide was super helpful to me because it gave me a sense of what ML is and how I can get started.

2. Elite data science

Introduction: Elite Data Science is for time-constrained professionals and beginners who are looking for a simple path to data science and learn only the most relevant, commercially-viable tools and best practices. They skip the non-essential theory and math and instead take you through the most direct path to applying DS and ML at a professional level.

Level: All

Type: GuidesConcept ExplainersCode TutorialsCareer HelpTools & Resources

Functionality: As seen above, this website is great for explaining concepts, learning code, getting help career-wise and find tools and resources needed for DS and ML

Best qualities: EDS features Data Science primer which is a mini-course that provides a brief introduction to data science and applied machine learning. According to them, If you’re a developer, analyst, manager, or aspiring data scientist looking to learn more about data sciencePsychology Articles, then you’re in the right place.

Best read: How to Become a Data Scientist in 2019 (Hadouken!)


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