Top 5 Virtual Event Ideas for Employee Engagement

Over the last few years, remote working and flexible hours have become more and more popular in companies worldwide. With the global spread of COVID-19 in 2020, however, work-from-home and remote working became the new norm, with lockdowns and restrictions forcing people to stay at home and continue working.  With this immense change to the working environment came vast changes and challenges to the engagement, communication and working ethic of employees worldwide. While many companies reported higher productivity and more work-home balanced employees, many reported a noticeable decrease in employee engagement. Lack of engagement and reduced availability and responsiveness from team members have become some of the biggest grudge points for employers and managers globally. 


Image Source: Gabriel Benois

Some of the most effective ways of re-engaging remote employees is through virtual events and team buildings. After-work activities have always been a key way of bringing employees together, outside of the pressurized working environment. Not only do they get to know each other outside of work more, but a sense of community and work ethic can be built through these activities. So, we took a look at how you can virtually engage your employee. 

Originally posted at The Startup Magazine