The Startup Process: Things to Know When Starting a Business on Shopify

Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, and it continues to grow up to this day. Its revenues have reached almost $3 billion in 2020, exceeding expectations and sales projections by 86%. Additionally, many entrepreneurs on the Shopify platform earn an average of $72 per customer. If you get customers every day on Shopify, you can earn more or less $2,160 every month without you doing anything.  If this isn’t enough to convince you to start your business through this platform, we don’t know what will. If you want to try your business on Shopify, there are some things you should know. 


Dropshipping is one of the most popular business models on Shopify. It is also one of the more profitable businesses online, garnering a market size of about $102 billion, and is expected to grow by a staggering 28% in the next few years. If you don’t know what kind of business to start on the platform, dropshipping is the best way to go.

Because of its popularity, Shopify has a guide on how to start a dropshipping business on its platform. You can find the guide here. Essentially, dropshipping is all about being the middle man for many companies who want to expand their reach. Many big companies want to grow their consumer base, and most of the time, they can’t do it themselves. Marketing can only do so much, so they partner with drop shippers to sell their products. You don’t need to have a warehouse to store their products.

Originally posted at The Startup Magazine