Televëda Helps Seniors Combat Isolation

Shruti Gurudanti has a commitment to combating isolation that comes from a very personal place. In her youth, she watched her own grandparents suffer from seclusion. During those difficult times, she realized that older adults experience a massive issue with social isolation and loneliness. These experiences shed light on the importance of social interaction and community. And, ultimately, led Gurudanti to develop a solution.  

Today, Shruti Gurudanti is CEO and co-founder of Televëda, an organization that is addressing the very issues that impacted her grandparents during her youth. Televëda is a social venture with a mission to combat social isolation for older adults and adults with special needs. This virtual community management platform empowers local civic communities (like senior centers, municipalities and assisted living facilities) with the infrastructure and media needed to manage and scale engaging virtual community centers.

The subscription program, which launched in December, welcomes seniors into a community of like-minded adults that supports their social, mental and physical well-being every day. Members rave that it is the “friendliest community” of active adults, and that it has given them a sense of “meaning and purpose.” Membership has rapidly grown by word of mouth. “Whether it’s a grandparent, parent, friend or anyone, we are here to help them find a friendly and supportive community so they can always live the best versions of their lives, and all from the safety of their own home,” says Gurudanti.

This first-time-ever direct consumer access model was not easily put into place, though. Delivering virtual activities to older adults is a fragmented offering that involves a lot of complex steps. Rather than piecemealing various software and media solutions together, Televëda offers organizations and caregivers the ability to save time and offer peace of mind. This is particularly important now as the pandemic has overwhelmed those organizations that serve the vulnerable. 

Originally posted at Inbusiness