Talent Management Reimagined

While attracting great talent and reducing staff turnover is a persistent challenge in often financially constrained nonprofit organizations, there are solutions. The key is to think holistically. 

Taking a holistic approach to talent management requires an organization to look beyond the day-to-day issues and crisis management that human resource teams naturally get pulled into, says Gregory Leet, senior consultant at Aspen Leadership Group. “It means taking a broader view to include the culture and values of an organization and ensure the staff aligns with its mission.”

Skills, expertise and experience are important. But equally important — or perhaps even more so — is whether individuals in the organization believe in and embrace the mission and truly support its culture and values. If there is a disconnect, the organization’s culture will be at risk, teams will struggle to work toward common goals, negativity will prevail, and energy will be wasted.

Retaining the Best Employees

Originally posted at Inbusiness