Summer Internship Advice for Startups

I often joke with Kyle York and Joe Raczka that it’s a good thing we founded York IE, because with all the talent on our team, we’re not even qualified to get a summer internship at the company now.

Five new interns have started at York IE, and once again I am blown away by the talented students we’ve been able to attract. As a company we move fast and are ambitious, which means we have real and important work that we’ll be having our interns do. It should be a great experience for them.

Of course, no matter how talented the intern, a company plays a big role in their success. I remember discovering one of my interns, who we affectionately nicknamed Captain Ginseng because of the amount of Monster Energy drinks he consumed, sleeping on a couch in a conference room. This didn’t say much for the energy drink. It also didn’t say much for my mentorship skills. But over the years I’ve discovered a few things that can help make a summer internship a true win-win.

Look for interns everywhere. Internships help create opportunities. Kyle became the head of sales at the company he interned at. Not everyone is exposed to the same opportunities. A summer internship is a good way to take a chance on someone. If you do that, you’ll often be rewarded tenfold for that faith.

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