Strategies For Finding The Balance Between Traditional And Digital Marketing For Your Startup

Digital marketing now accounts for 60 percent of marketing campaigns. With such a surge in digital preferences, it can be easy to assume that the days of traditional marketing are over. However, traditional marketing still carries a loyal following. Approximately 13 percent of marketers rely heavily on traditional marketing, adamant that it produces better results than digital methods. While the shift in consumer buying has accelerated towards digital marketing, there is a lot to be said about the effectiveness of traditional marketing in today’s world. Digital marketing can be more expansive, but promotional products can attract business and create a lasting impression. While each method has its pros and drawbacks, relying solely on one means a startup is leaving itself vulnerable to its pitfalls. A better and more comprehensive approach is to find the perfect balance between the two – for your business, its customers, and your goals.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

Why Combining Traditional And Digital Marketing Is The Best Approach

It is often thought that traditional and digital marketing compete with each other. Contrary to that belief, each method is meant to complement the other. Traditional marketing tools like billboard ads are known for their high success rates. But they also narrow down your marketing reach to Americans aged 30-49. Adding a digital element to your traditional marketing expands your market reach, which in turn means widened target audience and maximum exposure.

Originally posted at Crazy About Startups