Retreat offers lessons, support for seasoned spouses

When a service member retires, the military offers a robust program to help ease the transition to civilian life. What about the service member’s spouse? Last month, the Evolve Retreat, helped seasoned spouses explore this transition by providing them with tailored tools for success in the next chapter.

The retreat was held April 17-18 and featured 10-hours of live sessions and life coaching focusing on personal identity, marriage, and family. The event was the brainchild of Army spouse Jennifer Pasquale who says that what often goes unexplored are the challenges spouses face during a military retirement.

“So we’re putting two members of the family through an identity crisis. At the same time. That’s massive, that’s a massive burden for them to bear.”

Pasquale is the founder of Pride & Grit, an online community dedicated to storytelling and providing resources for families as they tackle the highs and lows of military life.

Originally posted at Military Families