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Remote Work Platform Switchboard Secures $13.8 Million In Funding

Cloud-based coworking company Switchboard has announced that it secured $13.8 million in funding last year. 

The firm focuses on providing collaborative tools to enhance the remote work experience and improving connections between distributed workers. 

“Switchboard exists because we deserve a work environment that helps us actually do the work together. Right now, we often spend more time figuring out how to work together than doing the work itself,” said Amir Ashkenazi, CEO and founder of Switchboard. 

Switchboard works by providing more services beyond screen-sharing and communication. Users are able to utilize both video conferencing and other shared collaborative tools in one single room.  

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Rather than switching between tabs and apps, Switchboard users can bring all materials necessary for meetings into one room. Additionally, the platform saves content within rooms for all types of meetings, making it simpler to find necessary documents. 

“Over the past two years, we’ve all made the best with the tools that were available at the time. And with credit to all of us, we’ve done a brilliant job adapting to the unideal,” said Ashkenazi. “Now, it’s time to purpose-build tools that fit our needs, and give us back the cognitive space, time, and connection we deserve to do good work.” 

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