Q&A With Enel Green Power

The European PPA market has been dominated by many of the largest energy companies, with 30 sellers signing more than half of PPAs in 2020. But is bigger always better when it comes to managing risk in renewable energy trading?

Our COO and co-Founder, Luca Pedretti, sat down with Olivier Bardet, Head of Global Pricing & Structuring at Enel Green Power, for an open discussion around the challenges that even the largest energy companies must face when it comes to renewable energy sales.

LP: Could you describe in your own words your role, and Enel Green Power’s “big picture” activity in the international PPA market?

OB: I’ve been working in the renewables business for five years now. I was previously a trader for 20 years, mainly in power. My previous role was Head of Global Gas Trading at Enel. Five years ago, I moved departments and started working within the commercial office of the company. I am responsible for our Global Structuring and Pricing unit – basically, we help our local hubs in the negotiation of PPAs from the pricing and contractual side.

Originally posted at Pexa Park