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Part Time Work From Home Jobs (Possibly Leading to Full Time)

Part time work from home jobs, now there’s a huge topic, and I only planned on writing around 400 or so words. Could easily be 40,000 on a topic such as this. But anyway, I read somewhere that most people like seeing and reading lists, do they really? I don’t , but I guess I had better pander to the majority.

Here’s a list of possible part time work from home jobs:

  • Writing (which can be anything from product reviews, forum posting, article writing to website content writing).
  • Get paid for completing surveys online (could be any survey from a simple 5 minute form filling affair to completing more complex surveys from Fortune 500 companies).
  •  Lead generator (recruit or generate leads online for specific business sectors)
  • Telemarketing (this is an oldie, pre-internet but still a hugely popular undertaking).
  • Marketing (obviously a wide-ranging sector which could see you help brand a company or product or pre-sell something).
  • Information Technology (another massive area, you could use any IT skills you have to assist webmasters, build sites,  write code or maintain databases).  

There are of course many more possibilities, but as I said earlier, I hate lists, so I shall stop compiling it and continue to write about part time work from home jobs.

Obviously, the lions share of part time jobs from home involve working online in some form or another. This means that you really ought to have a reliable and economically viable internet connection (and hardware too).

Let me share a little secret with you. Some 5 years ago, I started working part time online (some writing and marketing) , but today, I am a fully fledged full time online worker. And this is a common story amongst those lucky enough to work from home [] (yes, I think we are lucky to work from home, online to boot).

So you never know what may happen, your little part time online job today could become your full time online job, tomorrow.  

Source by Jimbo Thomas