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More Career Opportunities Would Keep 73% Of Gen Z And Millennials At Their Current Employer

Retaining employees has become difficult in the Great Resignation era. Increased pay and lavish amenities are nice, but a Microsoft report reveals what workers really want from their employer. 

According to the survey of 20,000 employees, 73% of Gen Z and Millennials would stay longer in their positions if they had more internal career opportunities. 

This comes as young workers are more likely to work jobs that pay the bills, while chasing their passions through side hustles. This makes flexible arrangements even more enticing to these professionals as they can continue receiving income and still focus on their dreams.

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“With the Great Reshuffle, companies have been trying to hang on to the people that they have,” said Colette Stallbaumer, general manager for Microsoft 365. “Now we’re seeing a little bit of a settling [down], yet it’s still a really tight labor market.” 

Despite the Great Resignation loosening its grip, 55% of respondents said that they left their job in order to flesh out their skillset. But what if they could achieve this goal internally? 

“Organizations and business leaders need to think about using learning as a retention lever,”  said Stallbaumer. “Because if people are learning and growing, let’s face it — they’ll stay.” 

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