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MINDFULNESS Documentary Film 2020

MINDFULNESS Documentary Film 2020

#DocumentaryFilm #Mindfulness

These days, discussions of meditation and mindfulness appear everywhere from business and medical journals, to addiction and trauma recovery groups, to education conferences.
Mindfulness is the secret of living in the present moment. A life lived mindfully is a life lived full of peace, tranquility, joy, bliss, ecstasy and compassion. The simple practice of mindfulness has been around for thousands of years but today mindfulness requires a deliberate practice.
In this documentary world’s leading experts delve deeper into the mindfulness practice.
The film has four parts:
1. What is mindfulness?
2. Mindfulness Meditation (the formal practice of mindfulness)
3. Mindful Living (the informal practice of mindfulness)
4. Mindfulness at work

Experts featured this documentary in order of appearance
Dan Harris
Berndon Burchard
Timothea Goddard
Juliana Christina
Dr. Craig Hassed
Dr. Judson Brewer
Chantal Hofstee
Robert Marx
Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn
Yongey Mingyur Ripoche
Dr. Kevin Hyde
Romi Grossberg
Rock Hanson
Michelle DuVal
Dr. Dave Johnson
Adriana Girdler
Annie Clarke
Christian Greiser
Dr. Jutta Tobias
Paul Robinson

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