‘Local Economies Were Often Left to Deal with the Worst Effects’: Incorporating Justice in Climate…

‘Local Economies Were Often Left to Deal with the Worst Effects’: Incorporating Justice in Climate ActionB The Change Weekly: June 4, 2021(Photo by Mumtahina Tanni from Pexels)Delivered on Fridays, B The Change Weekly delivers the most important and most relevant stories about people using business as a force for good. The newsletter features a weekly note from the B The Change team alongside insight and context on the stories we share here on Medium. Below is our latest roundup. To receive these insights directly in your inbox, sign up for B The Change Weekly today. Now on to the good stuff:

“Carbon-based energy companies would come into communities and offer local government and policymakers jobs, prosperity, and wealth for their communities. In reality, distant stakeholders benefited most. With power in the hands of the industry, local communities were often left to deal with the worst effects of the industries’ presence. Time and time again, I could see this happening.”Driven by what he witnessed and experienced while growing up on an African island, entrepreneur Leo Alicante launched a business to provide renewable energy that also centers those most impacted by climate change and supports a transition to clean energy. With a vision of success that extends far beyond Quioveo Energy, he encourages each of us to realize the power that today’s decisions hold for the future and the need to incorporate justice into our climate action to bring about long-term change.

On a broader scale, B Lab U.S. & Canada leaders and partners are sharing their vision of change through three impact areas — climate justice, racial equity, and a stakeholder-driven economy — to advance an economy that works for all people and our planet. As a community that believes in using business as a force for good, Certified B Corporations in the U.S. and Canada can hone their focus on those three impact areas to seize today’s opportunity — and responsibility — to reset our economy.

Driving Change by Uplifting Racial Equity, Climate Justice, and a Stakeholder-Driven EconomyDuring the recent State of the B event, leaders from B Lab U.S. & Canada shared how the nonprofit organization will mobilize the collective impact of B Corps to address environmental and social challenges and prioritize stakeholders rather than only shareholders. For B Lab U.S. & Canada, this means a continued focus on advancing racial equity, climate justice, and a stakeholder-driven economy — three interdependent concepts key to effecting change.

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