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LinkedIn Recommendations: Why You Need Them, How to Get & Use Them [Podcast]

Podcast #241 – Thea Kelley on LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn Recommendations: Why You Need Them, How to Get & Use Them [Podcast]


This week I am interviewing Thea Kelley and we are calling this episode, “LinkedIn Recommendations: Why You Need Them, How to Get & Use Them.”

I have had Thea on the podcast in episode 53 called Thea Kelley on Interviewing for a Great Job in the 2nd Half of Life, in November of 2017. She was also in episode 157 called Creating a Career Pivot Resume with Thea Kelley in January 2020. I have tremendous respect for Thea. I contacted her a couple of months ago and asked her to suggest a topic to discuss with you. I thought this would be a thought-provoking discussion.

Here is her bio:

Thea Kelley is a job search and interview coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area and serving job seekers nationwide since 2008. Her book, the Amazon best-seller Get That Job! The Quick and Complete Guide to a Winning Interview was hailed as “Excellent” on For smart job search tips and a free gift, subscribe to Thea’s blog at That site also provides information on contacting Thea for one-on-one services–to help you get a great job sooner.

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Now on to the podcast…

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Sites metioned in the podcast:

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