Letting the Good Times Roll

Octane Entertainment (Octane Raceway and Mavrix)

Octane Entertainment, which operates Octane Raceway, opened its second entertainment venue, Mavrix, on March 7, 2020, only to find itself mandated to close Mavrix a mere 10 days later. “Our management team immediately went to work to predict (as best as was possible) and prepare for what we would need to re-open when the time came,” says Scott Sanders, founder and CEO of the Scottsdale-based company. “Our goal has always been to provide memorable entertainment experiences for our guests and now we were going to have to figure out how to do that in a new environment with smiling faces hidden behind masks.” The first step was to evaluate all customer contact points.

Scott Sanders, founder and CEO of Octane Entertainment

Octane Raceway worked with a company that had been using UV-C lights to sanitize materials in hospitals to adapt a large, refrigerator-sized cabinet to sanitize all helmets after a race. And the company purchased sanitizing fogging machines to disinfect the karts between races. At Mavrix, Plexiglass dividers were installed between each set of bowling lanes and all booths in the sports grill, where a fewer number of tables, chairs and barstools were spaced out “to better accommodate a term we were quickly becoming more and more aware of: ‘social distancing,’” Sanders relates.

Originally posted at Inbusiness