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Ladan Davia, founder of Beeya

About this episode
This week’s featured founder is Ladan Davia of Beeya. Beeya is a company that is changing the way recruiters and job searchers are connecting. Improving the job search process has been attempted numerous times, it’s true. But so has online dating and that never stopped innovation. Beeya is the real deal and so is its founder, Ladan Davia.
In this episode, you will hear just how important it is to prioritize correctly to ensure the protection of your startup. Plus, you’ll learn firsthand from Ladan the importance of vetting referrals, even if the referrals come from people you trust. Lastly, you’ll discover that nobody will promote or believe in your venture and dreams more than you.
Ladan’s story is an encouraging one because where she is now is very different than where she expected herself to be. Her story helps us to see that it is okay to change our goals and direction regardless of how long we’ve been following a particular path. It takes a tremendous amount of strength and courage to pivot your entire life. Where does that strength and courage come from? Let’s find out…this is Ladan Davia’s startup story.
In this episode, you will hear
About how and when Ladan caught the entrepreneur bug, hint: it was not as a child!
How at age 20, after receiving a degree in Broadcast Journalism, she realized it was not what she wanted to do and what she actually did instead
Her first experience with tech startup, creating a product, and winning a competition
Ladan shares about her first startup, how it “died,” and what she did next
The beginnings of Beeya, how and when the idea for the software first came to her when she was 21 years old
The first steps she took to take Beeya from an idea into an actual software product and how she went about creating a technology solution when she’s not a “tech” person
Investors, programmers, and building a team – the trials and tribulations of building a startup
Second-guessing and questioning your startup journey
The importance of being a good judge of character when it comes to team building, because NDAs are great, but many startups don’t have the funds to enforce them
What make Beeya different or stand out in the crowd of the various job searching tools and websites available today
“You have to be able to endure the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship.” – Ladan Davia, Beeya
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Special Guest: Ladan Davia.

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