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JPMorgan Executive Informs Some Employees Of New Hybrid Work Policies

A memo to JPMorgan “CTO and TRAIN” members revealed that some employees would be able to shift to a hybrid work arrangement following internal backlash over the company’s staunch office-return policies. 

“Productivity and delivery of effective solutions to our business partners is always top priority alongside the health, safety and happiness of each member of our team,” said Drew Cukor, an executive at JPMorgan. “I respectfully ask that with this generous modification that all members of our team meet the two-day with earnestness.” 

Just days ago, CEO Jamie Dimon stated that he expected 50% of the company’s workforce to be in the office full-time, while 40% would adopt a hybrid approach and the remaining 10% would have the chance to work remotely full-time. 

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According to Cukor, feedback from business insiders led them to adjust their workplace policies.  

Prior to this move, the financial firm was said to have been taking strict measures to ensure workers were returning to the office, which included tracking employee ID swipes. 

“We are treated like children who don’t want to do their homework and need constant monitoring,” one employee said on anonymous message board Blind.  

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