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Job Search Tips – Find the right job online and avoid COVID-19 scams

Job Search Tips – Find the right job online and avoid COVID-19 scams – Get the presentation and other resources here – Register for upcoming Job Casts

With 9.8 jobs added to Indeed every second, it can be hard to identify opportunities that suit you best. In this virtual workshop, we provide tips to help you search effectively and find the right jobs.

0:00 Welcome
1:05 Jobs on Indeed
1:30 Indeed mobile app and plugins
2:20 Anatomy of a job search
2:50 Start your search
3:30 SERP – Check the search results
3:53 Filter your search
5:02 Try advanced job search
6:10 Automate your search
7:05 Find the right role for you
7:29 Read the job description
8:16 Research potential employers
9:23 Easily apply to jobs
9:50 Save now, apply later
10:24 COVID-19 scams
11:03 Job post scams
11:53 Types of fraudulent job-related scams
15:16 Best practices to avoid scams
18:20 Reporting scams on Indeed
19:00 Recap
19:40 Q&A
19:50 “How can I specifically find work from home jobs?”
20:50 “Any tips specifically for searching internship opportunities?”
21:38 “How do I filter out search results that aren’t relevant but happen to overlap in keywords?”
23:06 “Are there any suggestions you would have for the older job searcher who is trying to change fields?”
24:48 “It would be awesome if every job post had the salary or salary range. Is there a way to include this?”
27:07 More information

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