Introducing the Solid State Battery by High Performance Battery: Safer, Greener and Almost Infinite.

The global transition from non-renewable to renewable energy needs efficient storage technologies to be successful. While wind, solar and other renewable energies are gaining more and more ground, their viability is hindered by a lack of sustainable methods to store the energy they create. For the world to renounce fossil energy sources for electricity production in the long term, electricity producers, grid operators and consumers need intermediate storage facilities that are both efficient and practical.

The lithium-ion battery is currently the industry gold-standard for this type of energy storage, but what if it could be better? That’s exactly the question that CEO of High Performance Battery, Dr. Günther Hambitzer, set out to answer. He and his team’s research culminated in the fifth generation of battery technology: the Solid State Battery. The Solid State Battery tackles virtually all of the issues hindering the sustainability, environmental impact and efficiency of the lithium-ion battery.

Conventional lithium-ion batteries age over time because a top layer forms on the battery through charging and discharging. This layer grows over time and with each use, even faster the more intensively the battery is used. The growth of the top layer consumes capacity inside the battery and increases its internal resistance, leading to a weaker battery performance.

Conversely, with High Performance Battery’s innovative battery technology, only a very thin top layer forms during a battery’s first charging and subsequent charges do not cause it to grow. With patented solid state electrolyte technology, batteries by High Performance Battery have virtually constant internal resistance and capacity throughout their service life, no matter how much the battery is used.

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