India: 94% “more keen” to study overseas in 2021

Indian students are responding to “welcoming” communication from study destinations, an Indian study abroad platform has said, after a survey it ran found that 94% students said they are more keen to study abroad this year than in 2020.

Surveying 5,000 students that registered on its platform in the previous five months, Leverage Edu also found that 75% students said the UK was their preferred study destination, followed by 13% saying the same of Canada and 9% of the US.

The rise in students indicating a desire to study overseas is primarily “a result of governments in the UK, US and other developed countries, opening up their higher education and immigration policies, and communicating in far more welcoming manner than ever before”, explained Akshay Chaturvedi, founder & CEO of Leverage Edu.

“The UK, USA and Canada have come up with numerous pro-student policies in the last year, and are hence getting rewarded,” Chaturvedi said.

Originally posted at The PIE News