Illuminate your space with the First 3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map

A family-owned company since 2014, Enjoy The Wood comes from humble beginnings. What started as a small idea for a decorative map skyrocketed into a $533,000 Kickstarter campaign in 2019 that allowed the company to launch the World’s first 3D Wooden World Map and catch the attention of Forbes, NewsWeek, The Guardian and more.

Now, Enjoy The Wood is back with a bigger, better and brighter map: The First 3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map. Their latest map is packed with new features including 17 new colors, a glow-in-the-dark, magnetic background and a remote-controlled LED backlight.

Enjoy The Wood’s patented world Maps are the perfect gift for the travellers, map-lovers and decor-enthusiasts in your life. They bring awesome colors to any space, hold all your memories and photos, glow in the dark, twinkle with LED lights and so much more! As with their previous map, the First 3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map is carefully crafted with eco-friendly materials, easy-to-install and available in several different sizes.

All of the maps by Enjoy The Wood are handcrafted in Ukraine at their own manufacturing facility and come with a lifetime warranty. Enjoy The Wood’s goal is to bring the best quality possible to their customers, constantly perfecting the process and improving their product’s quality and adding new features. That’s why Enjoy The Wood has more than 100,000 happy customers all over the world.

Originally posted at Crazy About Startups