How to Keep Your WordPress Financial Site Safe

There is no denying that website security is the most fundamental aspect of doing business, especially in the financial sector. It is absolutely essential for maintaining consumer trust. This is why, you need to take security seriously when you operate a financial planning software, investment dashboard, online banking portal, or handle user data in a private manner. More than 400 million people use WordPress and if you’re one of those, you need to be aware of everything needed to protect your WordPress properties from cyber attacks. All kinds of personal information including email addresses as well as login credentials have an eager black-market and hackers can also exploit them to carry out further cyber attacks.

Now let’s take a quick look at some of the most common security vulnerabilities in wordpress and how you can protect your organization’s backend.

Protection against Brute Force Attacks

When hackers try to enter your website by tying a variety of username and password combinations, it is known as a brute force attack. They utilize an automated processing system which tries out a huge number of combinations. It’s possible for this automated system to guess your password though a lot depends on your password strength.

Originally posted at Crazy About Startups