How tech businesses are improving the lives of elderly people

You wouldn’t usually associate technology with elderly people but more and more elderly people are turning to technology to help them with their everyday lives and in some situations to save their lives. Today we will be looking at how some of the major advancements in technology for the elderly have led to improving their quality of life.

1) Preventing accidents

As your body gets old and your muscles get weaker there is a higher chance that you can have an accident. In fact, elderly people are 60% likely to have an accident at home this year. For the elderly, this can be very dangerous and sometimes deadly.  

A trip or fall can cause breaks, concussions and the complications of these result in deaths. Now unfortunately technology isn’t at a place where it can stop a trip or fall from happening but there are companies out there working on exoskeleton suits that could be the answer to this problem.

Originally posted at The Startup Magazine