How Google’s Page Experience Update will Change SEO in 2021?

“The customer is always right!” We have heard this phrase countless times and even experienced it first-hand, but only specific to retail outlets. What if I told you that Google will implement this strategy to change the way websites rank in the SERPs? In May 2020, almost a year back, Google announced that it will introduce new ranking criteria based on user experience known as the Google Page Experience update.

But what exactly is the Google Page Experience update, and how will it change SEO in 2021? We spoke to Grapefruit Digital SEO, a UK-based digital marketing agency, to find out more.

So what is Google Page Experience?

To put it simply, page experience is basically the good or bad experience a user has while interacting with a website. This includes the speed at which the website loads, the readability, layout, ad placement, mobile-friendliness, and other factors that measure a website’s performance.

Originally posted at The Startup Magazine