FOUNDER STORIES: ProctorExam with Daniel Haven

We are excited to share that our alumni of 2014 ProctorExam, has been acquired by a British division of the American company Turnitin. In the lights of this event we had a chat with the company’s founder, Daniel Haven about his journey to this startup success.

Daniel, can you tell me a bit about your entrepreneurial journey?

Seven years ago, when I was a student at the University of Amsterdam, on the side, I joined one of the first e-learnings around. While following this e-learning course, I found a problem: more and more education was being offered online, but when it came to the actual exam and receiving a diploma, that still very much happened offline. People needed to travel to a specific location to complete their online courses, which didn’t make much sense. 

I found a similar problem in more schools in the Netherlands. I understood that this is something that I would like to dedicate my time and attention to.

Originally posted at Startupbootcamp