FOUNDER STORIES: Brickken with Edwin Mata Navarro

We are excited to share a recent interview with Edwin Mata Navarro, co-founder at Brickken, one of our Startupbootcamp alumni of FinTech & CyberSecurity Amsterdam 2021 program. Brickken recently launched their first token – The Token AIR from Zero2 Technologies. In the light of that we chatted with Edwin about his entrepreneurial journey, the next steps for Brickken, and what sort of impact tokenization could have on the wider economy. 

Edwin, could you tell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey and how Brickken came to be?

I started my working life as a lawyer, before entering the tech world, and then the startup world. I have always been passionate about creating something from nothing. As a lawyer, I used to help create corporate structures in the M&A sector and from there I started to think about creating new products. And that’s how Brickken came to be. Initially, there were just five of us trying to create something innovative, high-tech, and legally robust. It was undoubtedly a challenge, but one we embraced to explore what tokenization could bring to the entire investment ecosystem.

How would you explain tokenization in your own words? What is the core idea behind it? 

Originally posted at Startupbootcamp