First IMMUNETM: Resilient Office Building in World

The IMMUNE Building StandardTM, through the Healthy by Design Building Institute (HDBI) in Brussels, is an evidence based, third-party certified rating for the built environment, focusing on providing building operators with the tools and strategy to monitor, communicate and adjust the health of the indoor physical space, with an efficient response protocol in case of viral, bacteriological, or toxicological events.

The IMMUNE Building StandardTM is based on a practical investment in a Healthy by Design System (HbDS), incorporating a network of devices and available technologies, specialized equipment, dedicated personnel, and new amenities, promoting operational and health rules focused on the physical space where occupants and visitors interact. The Healthy by Design System (HbDS) uses a series of specialized sensors that measure the indoor environment parameters such as air, humidity, temperature or CO2 levels. Data on the building’s performance is collected in real time, empowering the building operator to verify and adjust the condition of the building to a healthy performance level, providing occupants with the space and confidence for a healthy experience when returning to the office.

The achievement of the IMMUNETM – Resilient certification follows a nine-month implementation project initiated by Genesis Property, a reputed Class A office developer and a leading member of the European Property Federation. As a result, 119 out of the 135 measures included in the IMMUNE Assessment Scoring Index were successfully implemented. The total project implementation cost for the 15,500 sqm GLA at Building H3 amounted to 375,000 Euro, representing 1.4% of the building value.

After the pandemic was declared, basic prevention measures were set up in the tenant office area of the building. The IMMUNETM Assessment Scoring Index was instrumental in evaluating the level of efficiency delivered by these measures, with the goal and benefit of having a healthy building for employees and visitors alike.

Originally posted at Commercial Construction and Renovation