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Finding Your Startup Job (Part 1): How and Where to Find Great Startups!

If you want to work at a startup, how do you find the RIGHT startup to join?

I share a two-part framework for reflecting on your interests + looking for rocketship startups that may lead to growth & career upside for you.

So, if you’re wondering how to find a startup to work for, watch to learn:
1. Where to start: your unique interests!
2. Where to find startups: newsletters, VC websites, and more!

Links ​to everything I mention in the video below πŸ™‚
– Sheryl Sandberg’s Rocketship Advice:
– TechCrunch:
– Crunchbase:
– Strictly VC:
– CB Insights:
– Top VCs: Sequoia, Benchmark, a16z, Accel, Lightspeed, Index, Bessemer, Greylock, Floodgate, Cowboy Ventures, Forerunner (Consumer), Emergence (Enterprise), Y Combinator. There are many more!
– Forbes Midas List:
– The Breakout List:
– Wealthfront Career-Launching Companies:
– The Enterprise Tech 30 by WingVC:

Still deciding whether you want to work at a startup?
Check out my prior video: “Consulting vs. Startup? Should I work in Tech? Benefits of Consulting vs Startup as your first job!”

As always, I’d love to hear from you! let me know what you think and what questions remain πŸ™‚

Next up:
I’ll share how to think about what size, type of startup, and role you may want, as well as a play-by-play of how I found, chose, and got my job at Opendoor ☺️.

See you next week!