Exploring the Possibilities

In the previous article, embracing change, our topic surrounded acceptance that change was all around us and here to stay. Rather than running from the unknown, we should embrace it and look for new opportunities to move forward. Once we’ve have made the decision to move ahead in exploration, how do we dream big and begin? 

It all starts with a framework of knowing the desired destination and outcome. This framework is not a rigid set of ideas disqualifying creativity, but a container to work within. The mission or company purpose provides the focus and direction and defines the why, but the what is determined solely by the individual. Let’s begin by outlining the steps.

The first step is letting one’s imagination wonder and, for a moment — forgetting about the resources needed to deliver, as those analyses will come later — making the sky the limit. A planning tool I use frequently is known as blue dot visioning and originates from space. Carl Sagan, an astronomer who worked for NASA, was a part of the Voyager One probe space exploration visual team. As the Voyager One space probe was beginning to leave our solar system on its journey into deep space, Sagan begged for the camera to be turned around for one final look at Earth. NASA was reluctant at first, fearing it might damage the camera, but finally agreed. The resulting photograph became known as the “pale blue dot.” Our planet appeared as nothing more than a blue spec in the massive vastness of space.

Stepping back and looking from far out at one’s business opens the opportunity to visualize and dream almost anything. In business, we refer to blue dot visioning as the way to think big and outside the norms. This “dreaming” can be incremental additions and enhancements to our business without initially worrying about detail. The only request during this process is to be audacious! Don’t cloud the ideas with details, for the moment. Just dream!

Originally posted at Inbusiness