Construction Technology Startup Mosaic Hits Homebuilding Milestone

The demand for new housing continues at record-breaking levels throughout the fast-growing state of Arizona. In addressing this demand, Phoenix-based construction technology company Mosaic, and its building partner Mandalay Homes, have hit a new milestone, with the construction of more than 315 homes for Arizona families, but this is just the start.

Over the last 12 months, Mosaic has quadrupled in size to a team of 130, fueled largely by a $14.5 million Series A investment round led by venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz.

“We are holding true to the traditional way of homebuilding,” says Salman Ahmad, CEO and co-founder of Mosaic. “But if we can achieve even a fraction of the gains seen in software updates, we can create more unique places that are operationally viable and financially attainable.”

So far the company estimates that it has increased throughput in the construction process for its partners by as much as 30 percent, made possible by a focus on working with homebuilding industry veterans to improve and standardize construction processes, not the product.

Originally posted at Inbusiness