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95% Of Tech Information Workers Believe Some Remote Work Is Essential

HR software firm Eden has revealed the results of its most recent report that analyzes how workplace preferences are evolving within the tech industry. 

The Where Tech Works Report took responses from 1,000 US information workers within the tech industry, gaining insight into what their top priorities and challenges are when it comes to workplace arrangements. 

According to the findings, 18% of respondents said that full-time remote work was their preferred work arrangement, while a whopping 95% said having some remote capabilities is essential. 

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Additionally, the survey showed 64% of tech workers that are currently working remotely full-time or part-time said they would require more than a 20% raise to bring them into the office five days a week. 

However, the research also shows that 88% of hybrid workers prefer hybrid working, while 87% of full-time office workers prefer their current arrangement. What this indicates is that the majority of tech employees have already joined of a company that best suits their preferences. 

“Our survey reveals that tech employees are heterogenous in their preferences, and as a result, companies would benefit from a flexible approach to retain top talent,” said Joe Du Bey, cofounder and CEO of Eden. 

“The most successful scaled companies are incorporating hybrid policies and the most effective corresponding tools, such as desk booking software, to ensure they are employee-centric.”

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