6 Examples Of AI In Finance For 2021

Artificial Intelligence is a groundbreaking discipline of computer science that has revolutionized the trajectory of technology (AI). Artificial intelligence is concerned with designing smart machines and applications that can perform tasks that generally need human intelligence. This advancement in the technological field is shifting the paradigm of almost every industry in the world.

Source: Pexels

When it comes to an industry like finance, artificial intelligence encompasses almost everything. The variety ranges from customer service chatbots to tasks automating your work or detecting fraud for the company. So if there is one technology consistent in meeting the dividend demands, it is artificial intelligence. AI is giving the world of finance and banking an efficient way of meeting the needs of their clients and customers. They now have a way to make their processes more convenient, more innovative and provide smart ways to save, spend, and access money. So it is not an overstatement to say that artificial intelligence is changing the way we conduct our businesses and make use of money.

Let us now discuss some ways that AI has changed the finance industry.

Originally posted at Crazy About Startups