4 Steps Businesses Can Take to Advance a Net Zero by 2030 Commitment and Act Against the Climate…

4 Steps Businesses Can Take to Advance a Net Zero by 2030 Commitment and Act Against the Climate CrisisB Corps Share How They Are Reducing Carbon Emissions and Pursuing Climate Justice(Photo by Yan Ming on Unsplash)In recent years the global climate crisis has grown beyond the realm of concerned environmental advocates, becoming a point of emphasis for business leaders, investors, policymakers, and others who realize the current and impending dangers to the planet, its people, and other living creatures.

Among those business leaders actively working for climate solutions are nearly 900 Certified B Corporations that have committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2030, a historic goal in terms of the number of companies and the accelerated trajectory of their commitment. As shared on the B Corp Climate Collective website, companies making this commitment are expected to make a public pledge. That pledge includes making a climate emergency declaration, creating a plan with short- and long-term steps, proceeding with the work to pursue these targets, and publishing progress at least annually. The latest version of the commitment, updated in February 2021, includes a pledge to reduce emissions wherever possible and use verified offsets, emphasizing carbon removal projects, to balance emissions that cannot be eliminated.

To demonstrate how companies are pursuing these goals, B The Change breaks down the four expectations for net zero 2030 participating companies — pledge, plan, proceed, and publish — and provides real-world examples from four B Corps that are part of the B Corp Climate Collective and the net zero by 2030 commitment. The four expectations were created by the Oxford University Net Zero Climate initiative in collaboration with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) Race To Zero and others.

Learn more about the four expectations and access a free, downloadable library of tools and resources compiled by the B Corp Climate Collective to aid your company’s net zero journey.Each of the B Corps highlighted in this article operate or have suppliers in picturesque locations that illustrate the planet’s beauty as well as its fragility. These locations are also spots where the climate crisis presents a threat to members of the local communities — especially those with lower incomes who are more vulnerable.

Originally posted at B The Change