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15 Powerful Rules for an Unstoppable LEADER

15 Powerful Rules for an Unstoppable LEADER

Here are the top Rules for Leadership
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In this video we will be answering the following questions:
What is a leader?
How to become a leader?
What is the best way to become a leader?
What makes a leader?
What are the rules of being a leader?
What are the laws of leadership?
How to be a better leader?

00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Guide your path by truth
01:16 – Put your mission above your ego.
02:00 – If you don’t care about your people, they won’t care about your mission.
02:41 – Take responsibility for the outcome, not what you wanted to do.
03:26 – The Best Leaders Invest In Themselves
04:54 – The leader sets the standard
06:14 – Make sure everybody on the boat wants to go to where you’re heading it
06:54 – Don’t sacrifice the group to please the individual
07:55 – Treat employees like they make a difference and they will
08:57 – Upgrade your people and they’ll upgrade your business
10:07 – Don’t step in with solutions too quickly
10:38 – Praise in public, criticize in private
11:21 – Communicate Clearly
12:08 – The leader shapes the Future
12:48 – Make things Happen
14:06 – Question

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