10 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know Before Exporting

So you’ve identified a new international target market, what’s next? Going global is one of the most common methods of scaling up your business and comes in many forms. For example, creating strategic partnerships, accessing new markets, or exporting. We’ve found that many entrepreneurs struggle in finding the first step to going global (we know how confusing it can get), so let’s go through this together.


1. Establish a clear fulfillment process

A fulfillment process includes every step taken from the moment a new order is placed, to delivering that order directly to the customer. For instance, this process could include warehouse storage, product packaging, shipping details, and notification automation. Having a strong logistics process for fulfillment will ensure your product gets into the hands of your customers. For example, UPS provides a special Small Package Fulfillment service for our community. You can find more resources to expand your business by registering to our free Startup Global portal.

Originally posted at Startup Canada