10 Strategies for Small Entrepreneurs to Adapt to a ‘New Normal’

In a world where the only constant is change, entrepreneurs have to be on the lookout for new threats and opportunities at all times. The current situation on the market calls for an even greater level of attention. When one small business after another crumbles, it might seem like there is no hope. Many people are discouraged from starting a new venture, while others close down their current enterprises in a hurry, hoping to save as many funds as they can.

Nevertheless, there are a few companies that thrive during this difficult time. By applying a few well-thought-out strategies, they can actively address new circumstances and successfully adapt to the new environment. Here are a few key actions every small entrepreneur should implement to keep their business afloat:

Not Being Afraid to Cut the Dead Weight

It is well-known advice, but it is worth repeating. There is no other choice in times of crisis but to make the necessary changes and eliminate all unnecessary expenditures.

Originally posted at Inbusiness